Rabbi David Zargari

Daf Yomi Gemara Daily after Hanetz

Sunday Weekly Torah Class @ 10 am – 11 am

Tuesday Jewish History @ 8 am to 9am

Wednesday Tehillim @ 10 am

Rabbi Yousef Zargari

Monday-Friday Ethics and Halacha @ 8 am

Monday-Friday Gemara Brachot @ 8:30 am

Monday-Thursday Gemara Pesachim @ 8:30 pm

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Torat Hayim

Los Angeles Community Torah Learning Center & Bet Knesset

Torat Hayim serves and welcomes all members of the greater Los Angeles & Beverly Hills Jewish community. Affiliated and non-affiliated Jews alike find their home in our Bet Knesset and Bet Midrash, where they can learn Torah and grow spiritually. Torat Hayim is known for its high-quality Tefilah Services, both weekdays and Shabbot. The Rabbonim and members share the common goal of aiming for spiritual heights and are united in the effort to do so. This creates an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie. Torat Hayim welcomes all who wish to participate in the various programs regardless of previous learning background.

Torat Chaim offers an array of programs for men and women including:

  • Daily Talmud classes (Daf-Yomi)
  • Weekly lectures regarding Jewish thought and belief
  • One-on-one private learning sessions
  • Teen and children’s learning programs
  • Marriage preparation for brides and grooms and Taharat HaMishpacha review courses
  • Guidance and counseling for men, women, and young adults
  • Eulogy and Shiva Services
Classes cover the broad spectrum of Torah learning including
Chumash, Mishna, Gemara, Halachot, Hashkafa and Mussar.


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A gift to Torat Hayim is an investment in the future of every single one of our children. The Torah teaches that each person is as important as the entire world. By planting and nurturing the seeds of a child’s education, you have become our partner in building the future leaders of the Jewish people – in building worlds.

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